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Tack, body, color, viscosity, rub-resistance, scuff, drying characteristics.  To produce ink in a consistent manor, from batch to batch, critical Quality Control is essential to ensure that all components of the ink are consistent.   



A quick response time is what you need when you need ink at critical moments.  We offer next day service.  We have structured ourselves to meet the demands of our clients which enable us to meet your schedules in this “just-in-time” business climate.  



An important piece of information to pass to your ink supplier, in order that your inks be created to fit your specific needs, is substrate information. It is a critical step in the process to make you the right ink for your jobs.  We can adjust our ink systems to accommodate various types of substrates.



We do not just sell you ink, we sell the whole package of Service, Technical Knowledge and Support that you need to produce a quality product.  We can estimate ink usage, provide consignment packages, make adjustments to ink, all are part of the Post Sale Service.  Our technicians can help you with many of your press and ink related issues.  We can  assist you in finding the right  answers.



Getting ink when you need it and the Technical Support chain that can help you answer troublesome questions is of the most importance.  Service is a key part of our commitment to our clients.  Also, in our Service Package we custom match colors, pull ink draw downs, and perform tests and  research for specific jobs.  



A good and fair price, that not only reflects a pound of ink, but the Service and Post Sale Service that comes with our products.



We ensure that high quality materials are being used and that quality standards are met and maintained through our rigorous Quality Control standard check points before, during and after manufacturing your products.



We are only one phone call away and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Or, through direct personal contact by a sales representative or technician.



We strive to form good and open lines of communication with our clients.  It is of most importance in order for us to manufacture an ink that best fits your needs and to achieve an optimum level of performance.



Not to just  sell you ink and leave it at that.  It is a personal relationship and friendship that is built to help you in the daily operations of your print production to ensure quality.  Through this relationship we gain invaluable information to manufacture inks to fit your needs.  Why? Because making an ink is a precise prescription manufacturing business for your finished products.











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