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Color Matching

We can provide you with special match inks and custom colors.  In some cases the exact color is not correlated to a PANTONE color.  In these cases we can match the color to a color sample that you provide along with the substrate that the job will be printed.  Or, it is a special substrate that will effect ink color and the formulation needs to be adjusted in order that the color is correct to a standard.


We can also provide you with color proofs, or prints, on different substrates in order that you and your customer can visualize how the color will appear on a specific substrate.


We can provide you with spectrophotometer readings to ensure accuracy of an ink match to your supplied standard.  And on a continuous bases, we can provide readings to ensure color accuracy batch to batch in order to meet your color quality standards. 

  • Special Match Inks
  • Proofing / Prints
  • Spectrophotometer Readings

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