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Eco-Set Series Printing Inks

American Offset Printing Ink is meeting the new demand for environmentally friendly inks, the green movement trend, with our new series called Eco-Set Printing Inks.   Eco-Set Printing Inks are specifically designed and formulated with the latest and newest renewable resource product materials available.


Eco-Set Printing Inks are designed for the environmentally conscious printer.  We have been able to replace many petroleum based solvents and rosins with renewable vegetable based products in order to achieve a "greener" printing ink.  These vegetable products are a sustainable and abundant resource, which are domestically grown, that help reduce the environmental burden of the printing industry.


The Eco-Set Printing Inks contain all the characteristics that you will find in a quick set ink.  This high solids content ink is a combination of an excellent vehicle system, renewable resources and quality pigments that give Eco-Set Printing Inks superb runability and press stability.  These inks have exceptional setting speeds and provide outstanding scuff resistance.  This series can be used on a wide variety of substartes and can be UV coated and aqueous coated.  Eco-Set Printing Inks are formulated with more than 24% renewable products, minimal solvent content and are very low in VOC's, 1% to 5% by weight.


Eco-Set Printing Inks are available in PANTONE numbered colors, PANTONE mixing colors and in special match inks.  This series is also available in four color process in low, medium and high tack formulations.   

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