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We are a manufacturer of high quality lithographic printing ink and have been providing quality inks and services to the graphic arts community since 1970.  We take pride in our ability to meet the high standards of quality, consistency, performance and service in our products that our customers have come to expect and entrust in their daily operations.  We like to call ourselves the "In-House Ink Maker", because we are advoctes of making the ink to your needs and not making you fit to our inks.


We place just as high a premium on our products as we do our technical and supportive staff that we have which can assist you in any means necessary to make your job easier and more productive.


Not only are we conscious about our customers and the environment, but we are equally as conscious about where our materials come from and who produces them.  Our raw materials for our products are from domestic sources and purchased from domestic companies.  Help bring manufacturing back to American by supporting your local businesses.


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